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Meet Robert Covington Allergic to Failure

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An Amazing Journey 

My path to success is unlike most of my peers in the NBA. I played at a Mid-Major D-1 school, was overlooked and counted out, and I went undrafted in the 2013 NBA draft. Instead of taking “no” as a final answer, I persevered to accomplish my goals. With every shot, every foul, every win/loss; every opportunity I had drove me to work harder and smarter.

Through all the ups and down, It’s been a journey; but a journey that I wouldn’t change for anything. The difference between wanting and having is the values instilled in me by my parents to embrace every challenge that I was faced with. Despite all the odds, that’s how I developed my mentality, “ALLERGIC TO FAILURE”. 

I’m thankful for so many blessings; now I have been given the opportunity to create the Allergic to Failure brand. With the proceeds from the sale of Allergic to Failure items, I will be able to make an impact in our communities from encouraging healthy eating habits in our youth to helping underprivileged cancer patient’s fight their battle with cancer. The sky is the limit. “Allergic to Failure”, is not just a brand that I wear, it is who I am. 

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