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Be the change you want to see.

The Vision

The Mission

To give the younger generation in my community access to opportunities to become the change the they want to see. Providing with the access to the support and knowledge they need in real-life situations and of course on the court.

The Approach

I believe in being the change you want to see, so I choose to lead by example. It’s easy to get or be discouraged in todays world, and I want to help change that by using my platform in my community. I can accomplish this by giving back and helping my community through camps, education, and being there to support and encourage.

The Story

I learned to take my failures not as a stopping point but more as a learning lesson. It helped me develop as a basketball player and as a person. I had to learn to not give up but to only get better. With that in my mind in my journey through the NBA I want to help impact and inspire children, teens, and other adults to not give up on their dream when things get tough or seem out of reach.

Inspiration • Knowledge • Support • Community • Drive

I want the youth to gain more knowledge here, thats why with Allergic to Failure the kids can be involved with me and some of the people that helped me along the way.

I want kids to understand that the people involved here aren’t doing it for selfish reasons, but because they want to see them succeed and make a difference in the world. And ultimately I believe that if you inspire the youth and show them the right way—you never know who’s listening and who you might’ve touched to become the next great thing. Finally though we want to lead by example by doing the right thing, giving back, and making sure we have fun with it.